Location: Biala Podlaska, Poland

(Hala Sportowa PSB, Ul Sidorska 105, 21-500 Biala Podlaska (www.

Meet Director: Franciszek Szabluk          

Dates: 25th June 2017 – 1st July 2017


Lifting Schedule:              

Daily commencement times & schedule will be posted after the closing date.

Sunday 25th JuneEquipped Powerlifting & Raw SquatAll Lifters
Monday 26th JuneRaw Powerlifting All Women, Men 52-75kgs
Tuesday 27th JuneRaw Powerlifting Men 82.5-100kgs
Wednesday 28th JuneRaw Powerlifting & Equipped SquatPL- Men 110-140+kgs

SQ – All Lifters

Thursday 29th JuneEquipped Benchpress & Deadlift All Lifters
Friday 30th JuneRaw Benchpress All Women, Men 52-110kgs
Saturday 1st JulyRaw Benchpress & DeadliftBP –Men 125-140+kgs

DL – All Lifters


Weigh-In Schedule:

All weigh-ins take place the day before lifting, commencing 24th June 2017.

There will be no weigh-ins on the day of lifting

Daily Weigh in Times8am – 11am & 3pm –6pm
Each session can be extended if required to accommodate the number of athletes weighing in who are there by the close of the official weigh in time.Lifters requiring special weigh-in arrangements due to travel connection times must contact the organiser in advance to organise same.


Rules:  These Championships will be conducted using the GPC Rules. The Rulebook is available to download from the GPC Website

Categories: All GPC Weight Categories & All GPC Age Divisions

Raw and Multiply

Paralympic*  Lifters competing in this category must be able to use the standard lifting equipment as the GPC does not have specialised equipment.  Lifters who cannot complete the lifts as per GPC rules and who have a disability, must enter the Paralympic category for their Age/Weight division. Lifters with a disability who can complete the lifts as per the GPC rules can opt to lift in the Paralympic category or standard category.


Entry Fees: First Event €64 – Open & Masters  / €44 – Juniors & Teens Additional Events €35 per event

Late Entry Fees (paid after closing date or at weigh-in) plus €30 per person

As per rules brought in on 01/01/16, all lifters must pay their entry fees to their national federation. The national federation is responsible for submitting the team list and team payment by the closing date to avoid the late penalty fees.  All entry fees must be paid in the currency of the organising nation which is Euro for this event.

Closing Date: 31st May  2017.   Team List & Entry Fees must reach the Meet Director by this date, otherwise late entry fees will apply. Each nation must set their own closing dates for lifters to submit their entry for inclusion on the team list.


To Enter: Team Lists to be emailed to Franciszek Szabluk     

and World GPC by 31/05/2017

Entry fees must be submitted to the Meet Organiser by 31/05/2017.

SWIFT/BIC: ALBPPLPW                        

Bank Name: Alior Bank

Account: 32 2490 0005 0000 4000 1486 9177

IBAN: PL32249000050000400014869177

A/C Name: Franciszek Szabluk         

Address: Malowa Gora 2D, 21-512 Zalesie

Reference: Team (name of country)


All lifters must be members of the GPC.  Each nation sets their own entry requirements.  Lifters must enter through their national federation.

Lifters from countries which are not members of the GPC, can apply for Individual Membership of the GPC (Form available on GPC website).

Websites: All information will be included on the championships website:

Also the GPC website:

The list of competitors can only be posted after the closing date.


Visas:  If you require a visa compete in these championships, please complete the VISA Support Letter Form available under downloads on the GPC website ( and return to the World GPC Secretary.  Lifters must be members of the GPC affiliate in their country or if from a country which doesn’t have a GPC affiliate, must join as individual GPC members before requesting a VISA Support Letter.  Individual Membership forms are also available under downloads on the GPC Website.


Hotel NameAddress & Contact Details
Dom Studenta PSW


21-500 Biała Podlaska, ul. Sidorska 105

tel.: +48 516 493 106    e-mail:

Hotel Delfin


21-500 Biała Podlaska, Al. Jana Pawła II nr 11

tel.: +48 83 344-51-41,   e-mail:,

Hotel Pajero


Horbów Kolonia 29C

tel:. +48 83 375 75 45, e-mail:

Hotel Skala


21-500 Biała Podlaska,  ul. Artyleryjska 1

Tel.: +48723 231 333,   e-mail:

Hotel Capitol


21-500 Biała Podlaska,  ul. Reymonta 3

Tel.: +48 83 344 23 58, e-mail:

Hotel Osjann


21-500 Biała Podlaska, ul. Plac Wolności 15

tel.: +48 83 343 31 81,



AirportDistance/DurationTransfer Costs
Warsaw Chopin180kms – 2.5 hours€90 per vehicle for 5- 8 persons

€50 per vehicle for 1-4 persons


(near Warsaw)

220km – 3 hours€110 per vehicle for 5-8 persons

€60 per vehicle for 1-4 persons

Lublin150km – 2 hours€60 per vehicle (max 8 persons)


Public transport to Biala Podlaska – train/bus approx. €10 & €2 taxi to hotel.